Борьба за влияние в Маньчжурии между СССР и США. 1945-1949 гг.

Белоглазов Геннадий Петрович

The author of the article "The Struggle for Manchuria: the USSR and the USA in the Period of Civil war in China (1945-1949)" Gennady Beloglazov, tells about versatile military, diplomatic and economic help of the USSR in the period of the Civil war (1946-1949) that gave the opportunity to military detachments of China to create the power military-economic base in Manchuria, and much contributed in coming to power the Communist Party of China in the country.

РОССИЯ И АТР 2005 , т. , вып. 4 ( Октябрь-Декабрь 2005 г. ) С. -
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