Российско-Тайваньские торгово-экономические связи

Врадий Сергей Юрьевич

Taiwan is one of the most dynamic centers of financial and economic development in Asia-Pacific region. It plays an important role in the economy of Pacific Asia as well as in the world. From the point of view of potential possibilities for the development of business, scientific and technical cooperation, Taiwan could be considered as one of the perspective partners for Russian business in East Asia. It is defined by the island s high degree import dependence upon main categories of raw material resources and by its leading role in producing of number of articles in manufacturing industry. The analysis of bilateral trade gives an evidence possible considerable complimentarity of Russia and Taiwan economics. At the same time the existing possibilities for the development of trade economic relations are realized insufficiently. Russia in its relationships with Taiwan doesn t recognize independence of the island, and considers it as an inseparable part of the mainland China. The trade-economic relation, great value of which is stressed by both sides, is implemented on the unofficial, non-governmental basis. This article will make a brief review into the contemporary history of Russia-Taiwan relationship, analyzes current status and presumes possible future prospects of the bilateral economic and trade relations.

Россия и АТР 2006 , т. , вып. 4 ( 2006 ) С. 82-93
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